HIS Teams-Up with Zalman to Launch 6670 iSilence 4

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14.10.2011 03:25:22


Hightech Information System (HIS) today announced it has partnered with well-known Korean cooling expert ZALMAN to launch the new 6670 iSilence graphics card range. The model, which emits zero noise, is ideal for gamers and home media entertainment enthusiasts aspiring to create a 0 dB environment but still want the best in cooling technology.

The new iSilence 4 1GB DDR3 cards come equipped with Zalman’s patented fanless VFP (Variable Fin Profile) Fin Design, allowing for maximized cooling efficiency and heat dissipation without producing any noise. Ideal for home entrainment enthusiasts setting up a home theatre PC or Media Center, gamers can also take advantage of the new iSilence 4 cards by setting up SLI and Cross fire configurations as the heatsink is positioned above the VGA.

The new 6670 iSilence 4 cards will be available at Overclockers UK and Ebuyer.com for an RRP of £78

Key Features of 6670 iSilence 4:

Zalman’s patented VFP (Variable Fin Profile) Fin Design: allows for maximized cooling efficiency
Fanless: iSilence 4 does not emit any noise
Three high performance heatpipes: maximized heat transfer
Thin aluminum fins (0.4mm): minimized heatsink weight
Heatsink positioned above the VGA: for optimized cooling efficiency and allows compatibility with SLI and CrossFire setups

6670 iSilence 4 Specifications:

Cooler: iSilence 4
GPU: 6670
Core Clock: 800 MHz
Memory Clock: 1600 MHz
Memory Size: 1024 MB
Memory Type: DDR3
Memory Interface: 128 bit
Interface: PCI Express x16 (PCI Express 2.1)

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