HIS Unleashes 6970 IceQ Turbo & IceQ Graphics Cards

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Thanks to the Black Hole Impeller and 4 heatpipes, the HIS 6970 IceQ series effectively optimises cooling performance by dissipating heat from the core area, allowing for top level gaming performance. Additionally, the GPU temperature is significantly cooler compared to a Reference Cooler, offering maximised over-clocking potential. The integrated professional fan shroud provides high efficiency and low noise fan operation.

HIS 6970 IceQ Turbo

Specifications of the two models

HIS 6970 IceQ Series Key Features and Advantages:

IceQ Cooling Technology HIS award-winning and performance leading air-cooling technology can dramatically decrease GPU temperature.

-23C Cooler HIS 6970 IceQ Series is over 23C cooler than the Reference Cooler.

Quieter HIS 6870 IceQ Series is quieter than the Reference Cooler, with significantly reduced noise levels.

4 Heatpipes Optimised cooling performance by heat removal from the core area, providing ultimate solution for professional gamers and HTCP users.

Black Hole Impeller Cool air is drawn from both sides of the fan to enhance cooling efficiency.

For more information about HIS 6970 IceQ Turbo 2GB GDDR 5 click Here

For more information about HIS 6970 IceQ 2GB GDDR 5 click Here
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