Humble Bundle Offers F1 2015 Free For 48 Hours

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅23.03.2018 00:50:40

The Humble Bundle Store once again have a classic free game on offer on the run-up to the weekend, and this time it's Codemasters' racing sim F1 2015. Available as a Steam Key for Windows, you can pick it up through your Humble Bundle account until 5pm GMT Saturday (~1 day, 16 hours from the publication of this story).

Now in fairness F1 2015 isn't without its issues: XBOX controller support is finicky* and the CPU AI isn't the best. But if you're looking for a change of pace from your current assortment of Steam titles then this might whet your appetite for some four-wheel action.

While you're browsing the Humble Bundle store you might want to cast your eyes towards March's Humble Monthly. A $12 monthly subscription - which you can cancel immediately - will net you Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Mafia III alongside other titles to keep for life. Check it out here.

*A steam user had this suggestion for those having issues with using an XBOX controller in-game:

To those who can't get their xbox controllers to work. this should fix it: disconnect your controller, launch the game, select 2015 with keyboard, press any key with keyboard, then plug in your controller and select xbox controller in controls and now it fully works.

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