Hynix developed the world's first high density 128 GB DDR4 module

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅08.04.2014 12:30:44

Hynix has announced that it has developed the world's first 128 GB RAM module based on 8 Gb DDR4 using its advanced 20 nm class technology.

This is pretty impressive RAM on other levels as well. It runs at 2133 Mbps and processes up to 17 GB of data per second thanks to a 64 bit I/O. On top of this it runs at an ultra low 1.2V which is lower than existing DDR3 modules which run at 1.35V.

"The development of the world's first 128 GB DDR4 module has its significance in opening ultrahigh density server market" said Senior Vice President Sung Joo Hong, the Head of DRAM Development. "The Company will further strengthen its competitiveness in premium DRAM sphere with the development of high density, ultrahigh speed and low power consuming products"

DDR4 is expected to be commercially available from 2015 with it being the industry standard by 2016.

Source: www.techpowerup.com

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