ICY TIP: Dual 2.5" to 3.5" SATA HDD & SSD RAID Converter

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One major complaint for going the SSD route is that you have to pick and choose your data carefully, due to limited storage capacity. This means that you will likely store your operating system files, and maybe a game or piece of software on the drive, and that is it. The obvious answer is to simply get a bigger SSD, however the current price point for SSDs is almost $2.00 per GB. So to get a drive the same size as a standard HDD in a desktop, you are looking at almost $500! The next fastest type of drive would be the Western Digital VelociRaptor, able to achieve average read and write speeds of about 120-130 MB/second, but they face a similar problem; their price is too high, and that forces the user to sacrifice space for speed.

But what if you could have both blazing fast read and write speeds, and the storage capacity of a regular HDD? What if there was a way of obtaining speeds faster than a Western Digital VelociRaptor, had more capacity, and it was cheaper?

These important questions are answered with the Icy Dock MB982SPR-2S, which can take two 2.5" SATA HDDs, and fit them into the space of a single 3.5" SATA HDD. Most importantly, the device include hardware RAID to allow the user to place the drives in BIG, RAID 1, or RAID 0, yielding different performance and functionality. One could take two 2.5" SATA HDD, such as the Hitachi TravelStar 500GB 7200RPM drives, place them in the MB982SPR-2S and create a RAID 0 array. The result will be a 3.5" form factor drive with a 1TB capacity, and average read & write speeds of about 160MB/second!

You have 25% increases in your transfer rates and a massive storage capacity to store ALL of your programs and files, rather than having to pick and choose and maintain multiple drives.

This is a phenomenal set up for gamers, audio engineers, video editors, and even an IT professional looking to maximize their network speeds for a small business.

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