iiyama Launches 97 Series Range of Desktop Monitors to Simplify the Workspace

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅08.05.2024 16:07:46
Press Release

iiyama proudly announces the debut of the 97 Series, a dynamic range of monitors available in 24 (XUB2497HSN-B1) and 27 (XUB2797HSN-B1, XUB2797QSN-B1) sizes, designed to elevate productivity and performance in modern work environments. Equipped with a USB-C dock connector, these monitors allow users to simplify their workspace using a single USB-C connection that will transmit both data and power that can change your laptop. The notebook will automatically be connected to the network if the monitor is also connected to the internet via the LAN port.

The iiyama 97 Series monitors are equipped with USB-C dock connectors, simplifying the workspace using a single cable to display content and charge the laptop. DisplayPort output also allows users to extend their desktop making the screen ideal for dual-monitor set-ups. The multi-monitor setups can be created in two ways using either the USB-C or DisplayPort connections from the laptop. With the MST (Multi-Stream Transport) mode in the monitor enabled, the maximum Daisy Chain length in extension mode is 2 displays for the USB-C connection and 4 displays for the DisplayPort connection. This key feature makes it possible to turn your standard desktop setup into a multi-monitor solution worthy of any professional configuration.

With additional USB ports, a wireless mouse and keyboard or webcam can also be easily connected to the monitor for a seamless plug-and-display solution. Thanks to the LAN port stable and reliable network connection is ensured.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the desktops feature a height-adjustable stand with tilt and swivel mechanisms that allow turning the monitor into portrait mode for more comfort while working on large data sheets.

Pricing and Availability
The new iiyama 97 Series monitors are now available on the iiyama Amazon UK store. See pricing below.

iiyama XUB2497HSN-B1 (24" 1080P, IPS, 100Hz, HAS, RJ24, USB-C Dock): 212.42
iiyama XUB2797QSN-B1 (27" 1440P, IPS, 60Hz, 1H1DP1C, HAS, RJ24, USB-C Dock): 323.76
iiyama XUB2797HSN-B1 (27" 1080P, IPS, 100Hz, HAS, 1H1DP1C, RJ24, USB-C Dock): 615.00

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