Inno3D integrates CoolIT Systems' Advanced Liquid Cooler on Graphics Cards

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05.01.2011 10:15:57

CoolIT Systems, leaders in advanced liquid cooling technology, announced today their partnership with Inno3D, who develop a comprehensive variety of 3D graphic board accelerators for the OEM and OED markets. Inno3D will be combining their GTX 580 Black Series graphics card with CoolIT Systems' innovative OMNI ALC liquid GPU cooler.
"Inno3D is known for bringing the best available technologies to market and we love innovations that allow us to optimize board performance and acoustics. Working with CoolIT on our iChill GTX 580 Black Series has allowed us to create the perfect combination of raw performance, silence and ease of use. When you pair the fastest GPU in the world with the best possible thermal solution, the results are simply outstanding" Says Derek Ng, Marketing Manager of Inno3D.

The OMNI Advanced Liquid Cooling unit by CoolIT Systems has been well received in the aftermarket GPU cooling market with its universally compatible design. Now, Inno3D will sell the iChill GTX 580 with the entire sealed liquid loop already integrated on the card. The customer can now have all the advantages of liquid cooling without having to disassemble the stock cooling or deal with any plumbing.

"Partnership through technology is our focus at CoolIT" said Geoff Lyon, President and CEO at CoolIT "Forward thinking brands like Inno3D are well positioned to reap the benefits of liquid cooling and we're proud to partner with them on this Integrated GPU Solution".

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