Intel Confident With VLC Player; Less So In Ivy Bridge Graphics

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅10.01.2012 03:29:35

This year's CES theme has so far been mobile computing: tablets, ultrabooks and more tablets. Understandably Intel want to get in on the act and demonstrate features for the new range of Ultrabooks based around their upcoming Ivy Bridge platform. Integrated graphics solutions are obviously a huge part of the driving force in laptop sales, so what better piece of marketing than showing off a fairly strenuous DX11 game - F1 2011 by Codemasters.

Unfortunately, as reported by Bright Side Of News, the viewers were treated to a lovely bit of pantomime as Mooley Eden sat down behind the Ultrabook and proceeded to play a video rather than a game. Unfortuately for Mr Eden, the controls for VLC Player clearly pop up for a second, dispelling the illusion. It was all in good fun, with Mooley by the end clearly not having any input into the controls, but the optics of the demo don't look good when the idea is to come to CES and show off product rather than pipe dreams. Hopefully the video was recorded from gameplay on an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook, but a press already sceptical about the real world value of integrated graphics will be difficult to convince.

Equally, the competition's demonstrations just wrote themselves.


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