Intel Confirm Bundled Liquid Coolers

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11.10.2011 18:41:55

According to XBit Labs Intel has confirmed that they will be selling self branded all-in-one liquid coolers in CPU bundles and seperately with the Core i7 3000 series AKA Sandy Bridge-E for the X79 platform.

The self branded Intel AIO Liquid cooler.

Current performance expectations from the i7 3960X are pretty significant over the existing i7 2600K, benefiting from 2 extra cores and 4 more threads as well as quad channel memory.
This is a list of approximate performance benefits when compared to the i7 990X.

- +13% in Cinebench 1.5
- +12% in POV-Ray 3.7
- +36% in 3DMark 11 Physics Test
- +15% in ProShow Gold 4.5
- +34% in SPECint_rate base 2006
- +65% in SPECfp_rate base 2006
- +111% in Sandra 2011B/Multi-Media FP sub-test
- +92% in Sandra 2011B/Memory Bandwidth FP sub-test


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