Intel Core i7 2700K Released

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24.10.2011 18:19:27

While the 2700K is identical to the 2600K bar default base clock is 100MHz higher, that does, potentially mean that the i7 2700K is binned higher as it still conforms to the 95W TDP which is the same as the 2600K. That will interest overclockers seeking to push their maximum OC that litte higher. Price per 1000 is currently at USD $332 which may work out after conversions and taxes to be around £260-280 for retail price.

The Core i7 2700K in retail packaging.

These incremental upgrades are usually sign that a process technology is maturing and are sporting better yields, to reflect that, Intel have also slashed the price of many existing 1155 socket CPUs too. However none are part of the unlocked K series.

Core i3-2120 from USD $138 to USD$117
Pentium G850 from USD $86 to USD $75
Pentium G630 from USD $75 to USD $64


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