Intel Falcon 8+ Drone Production Increased for North America

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.05.2017 13:50:33

Intel is increasing the production of the Intel Falcon 8+ drone for the North American market. Drones play an important role in businesses and other applications today. Drone technology is being incorporated today as a tool that assists existing professional workflows other than its strategic business functions. Drone technology allows businesses to increase efficiency, gain competitive edge and improve productivity.

Intel also acknowledges the importance of drone as indispensable tools more than its business applications wherein it can even save lives. Drones also make nearly impossible and dangerous tasks possible such as oil rig inspections, post-calamity rescues, aerial surveying/mapping, progress reporting and other scenarios wherein the portability and function of drones are crucial.

The Intel Falcon +8 Drone
The Intel Falcon 8+ drone is an advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed for professional use. The Falcon 8+ features the best weight-to-payload ratio compared to other UAVs available today and it delivers robust performance. It is designed to have the best stability even in harsh conditions and offers superb safety. The Intel Falcon 8+ features the Intel Cockpit ground control and Intel Powerpack battery system. It provides a complete solution for the most challenging commercial applications.

Intel is developing to broaden and evolve the application of drones and drone related technologies to make them smarter and better in how drones are used in productive and exciting ways.


Visit the Intel website for more information on the Intel Falcon 8+ drone.

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