Intel Haswell Leaks Indicate Impressive Overclocking Potential

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅13.05.2013 16:48:33

Intel's Haswell CPU isn't due for another three weeks but that hasn't stopped a number of the new CPUs appearing in the hands of certain extreme overclockers. As you would expect, they've been spending their time pushing these chips on the Q.T. with a few results slowly creeping their way onto the CanardPC overclock validation database. The enthusiasts over at have compiled some of the more interesting results including high and low overclocks of the i5-4670K and i7-4770K, the high-end entries in the LGA1150 range.

Getting most recognition on Fudzilla is a result which lists a i7-4770K running at 5.008GHz (50 multi) with Hyperthreading disabled. They're some pretty impressive numbers, although as reported by WCCFTech last week the Core Voltage number may be a little off.

Making an appearance today thanks to member Christian Ney is a 4770K which has reached an astounding 6.4GHz on LN2 with hyperthreading enabled, as well as another engineering sample that's hit 5.5GHz. Also of note is a 4770K ES that's almost stable on air cooling at 5.2GHz. If you're interested in all the data goodness check them out here. Of note is that these results are only as stable as they need to be to get a validation snapshot, actual usable stability isn't exactly guaranteed.

Of course, pinches of salt should be the order of the day. At the very least it is known that CPU-Z's reporting of core voltage on Haswell is inconsistent with other tools, plus we have little indication of the cooling presets on these test setups. However those worrying that Haswell may have been a further step in locking down overclocking should be relieved to see that the gloves can be taken off these new CPUs.

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