Intel Projected Ivy Bridge Benchmarks

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅01.12.2011 17:20:08

Intel have revealed their expectations of Ivy Bridge CPUs, with an overhauled GPU offering DX11.1 standard, something not even AMD have announced to be supporting as of yet. While much of the performance increases come from the GPU, this is not the only improvement.

This is a list of improvements the Intel Core i7-3770 (4 cores with HTT, 3.40GHz, 8MB cache) VS Core i7 2600 (4 cores with HTT, 3.4GHz, 8MB cache).

* +7% higher overall SYSmark 2012 score
* +14% higher overall HDXPRT 2011 score
* +15% higher Cinebench 11.5 score
* +13% better ProShow Gold 4.5 result
* +25% fasterperformance in Excel 2010
* +56% faster performance in ArcSoft Media Expresso
* +192% higher overall 3DMark Vantage score
* +17% faster performance in 3DMark Vantage CPU benchmark
* +199% faster performance in 3DMark Vantage GPU benchmark

Supporting enhanced AVX acceleration, Open CL 1.1, PCI-E 3.0 x16 interconnects while using new power management innovations, these improvements are mind blowing and will leave many wondering what Ivy Bridge-E may bring to the table late 2012.