Intel Revise Ivy Bridge Release Schedule

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅27.02.2012 20:01:34

An interesting statement by Intel has apparently placed some blame for the delay of coming Ivy Bridge CPUs on the 22nm fabrication process. Whether or not the previously thought reason of 'overstock of current-gen based products' or issues with the 22nm process are to blame for the delay, is more of a hindsight that detaches mind from task. All that is important is there will be a delay.

SweClockers have presented a revised schedule to help try and clear a few things up.

April 8th 2012: The original launch date for 'Everything' however this will now only be the release date for the Intel Z77, Z75, H77, and B75 chipset which will mean motherboard releases, anyone buying a board now would have to use a 'Sandy Bridge' CPU' in the meantime.

April 29th 2012: This is when the quad core i5 and i7 CPU parts will be launched, reviews will be able to go live this day from associated press and media, however it is not clear if they will be available in retailers for purchase this day.

June 3rd 2012: Intel will launch the Q75 and Q77 chipsets, the notebook platforms, dual core CPUs, and the Ivy Bridge based Ultrabooks.

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