Intel Rumoured To Release Three Generations Of 10nm CPU's

👤by Chris Yeo Comments 📅22.01.2016 09:24:55
Possibly abandoning it's traditional 'tick-tock' model, guru3d reports fresh information with regards to Intel's 10nm processors..

Over the course of 2017, 2018 & 2019.. according to rumour Intel are set to release the following three generations of 10nm processor; Cannonlake, Icelake & Tigerlake. Breaking the companies traditional 'tick-tock' model as the following slide suggests:

Image courtesy of guru3d

guru3d also suggests that the new 5nm process could see the utilisation of a new technology 'EUV-technology'. Meaning 'Extreme ultraviolet lithography', this new technology uses an extreme ultraviolet wavelength.

"Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV lithography represents a major technological advancement for semiconductor manufacturing. Current lithographic techniques utilise deep ultraviolet (DUV) light sources that produce wavelengths of 248 nm or 193 nm. The extreme ultraviolet light used in EUV lithography has a wavelength of 13.5 nm, a full order of magnitude shorter. This is important because the imaging capabilities - or resolution - of a lithography system are proportional to (and limited by) the wavelength of light used. An EUV light source produces this short wavelength light in a system called Laser Produced Plasma (LPP). LPP light sources utilise a high power laser to create a high energy plasma that emits short wavelength light inside a vacuum chamber."
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