Intel Sandy Bridge-E Benchmarked: Core i7 3930K (ES) Vs Core i7 980X

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅06.09.2011 13:59:13

The Core i7 3930K has 6 cores and 12 threads, 12Mb L3 cache with stock speed of 3.20GHz and Turbo to 3.8GHz. It also has the 'K' moniker meaning it will have an unlocked CPU multiplier for overclocking. The person who posted the benchmarks disabled Turbo Mode for a clock VS clock comparision against the Core i7 980X. Running Super PI for single thread comparison, wPrime and Cinebench 11.5 for multithreaded comparisions as well as 3D mark Vantage and Aida 64 memory bandwidth tests.


Super PI (32M Calculations):
Core i7 3930K: 11m.19.827 Sec
Core i7 980X: 11m.33.852 Sec

WPrime 1.55 (32M/1024M):
Core i7 3930K: 5.977 Sec (32M) / 168.51 Sec (1024M)
Core i7 980X: 5.772 Sec (32M) / 161.039 Sec (1024M)

CineBench R11.5 (Multi-Threaded):
Core i7 3930K: 9.00 Points
Core i7 980X: 8.22 Points

3D Mark Vantage (CPU Score):
Core i7 3930K: 31904 CPU Score
Core i7 980X: 29979 CPU Score

AID64 Memory bandwidth test:
Core i7 3930K: 15796MB/s Read , 12349MB/s Write , 14204Mb/s Copy , 57.7ns
Core i7 980X: 14406MB/s Read , 12938MB/s Write , 13425MB/s Copy , 58.7ns

While these results aren't a huge leap over the i7 980X, this is only an engineering sample and without Turbo or overclocking. So the final versions are likely to be more refined and show further improvements. The Core i7 3930K is expected to be released sometime in Q4 2011 at around $500.

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