Intel Set to Enable Overclocking of Solid-State Drives

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅27.08.2013 06:06:25

Overclocking an SSD? What is this sorcery? Has the world gone overclocking mad? Thankfully yes and Intel plans to take this further. Intel plan to demonstrate how to boost the performance of your SSD at the upcoming Intel Developer Forum next month.

What part of an SSD can be overclocked? Perhaps it will be to the clock-rate of the controller, or the read/write speed, who knows? One thing that is certain is that data integrity will have to be maintained. Another question is why? SSDs are already fast and their bottlenecks do not come from their read or write speeds or their IOPS performance. The bottleneck comes from the SATA interface itself so overclocking an SSD itself will likely result in no noticeable difference if the SATA interface is already at full capacity.

We'll obviously have to wait until the Developer Forum to find out all the intricate details. Perhaps Intel have a new SATA interface in the works.


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