Intel soon to launch Sandybridge Pentium processors

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14.04.2011 01:28:23

Intel are due to launch their 3 newest members of the Pentium family on 22nd May

These latest additions will cater for the lower end market starting at $64 (39) for the G620, $75 (46) for the G840 and $85 (53) for the G850.
These Pentium processors for the 1155 platform are likely to appeal to those after a CPU to power budget systems, but being a dual core with no overclocking potential, a cut down Intel HD2000 graphics port, disabled Hyper-Threading and Quick Sync and no AES or AVX instruction sets, it leaves room to wonder if home users will have any interest at all in such an item.
This seemingly points towards a target audience of office and corporate I.T. suites as an attractive, cheap and lower power solution to previous generation CPUs. (Or are they priced as such to keep the price of the i3/i5/i7 at a premium>?)

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