Intel Tests 5G Solutions in Partnership with Huawei and Deutsche Telecom

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.01.2018 19:32:01

Intel partners with Huawei and Deutsche Telecom to conduct the world’s first ever successful over-the-air testing of 5G networking based on the Release 15 NSA 5G NR specification. The test was based on Intel’s third-generation 5G NR Mobile Trial Platform along with Huawei’s 5G commercial base station established in partnership with Deutsche Telecom.

Huawei and Deutsche Telecom began its 5G network research in 2016. Together with Intel, they plan to accelerate the adoption and development of 5G networks worldwide. With the success of the test, Intel predicts commercial launch of Intel-based 5G networking solutions can be seen by 2019.

What is 5G?

The 5G network delivered faster lower-latency wireless networks that can support sophisticated cloud applications and data-intensive services. It offers new possibilities of smart connectivity across more platforms and devices including self-driving cars and newer technologies. 5G will increase the capacity of networks to manage and transfer data to more devices. Intel is helping drive this transformation of the network to modernize today’s communications infrastructure and build the foundation for 5G. Learn more about 5G in the videos below:

Learn more about 5G at the Intel website

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