Intel to move Ivy Bridge unveiling to Computex Taipei 2011?

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅08.02.2011 22:04:24

A Chinese-language Commerical Times report has stated that Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors will be unveiled earlier than expected in Computex Taipei 2011, which is May 31st-June 4th 2011.

The Ivy Bridge platform will use the same LGA1155 socket as Sandy Bridge, and motherboards should be compatible via a BIOS update. The new CPUs are mostly a simple shrink of optical process, from 32nm Sandy Bridge to 22nm Ivy Bridge. This will bring improved power consumption and performance, and it is reported that Intel has completed the design at this stage.

This comes just weeks after the Cougar Point SATA design flaw, which has rendered around 8 million retail and OEM motherboards possibly faulty. It also comes just weeks before AMD are set to unveil their new Bulldozer platform, which they have high hopes for.

Perhaps we should not be surprised that Intel would like to move focus from, not only their faulty chipset fiasco, but also the upcoming impact of AMD's Bulldozer to the market. At least there's no socket change this time.

Source: DigiTimes

Do you think this is a calculated move by Intel, or simply things moving ahead of schedule? Let us know in the forums!

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