Intel to use DDR4 Memory in 2014

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04.04.2012 19:36:27

A report by VRZone states that Intel plan on including DDR4 memory controllers in the enterprise class 'Haswell-EX' processors come 2014 while mainstream may see the move in following platforms come 2015. The mainstream 22nm Haswell and the 14nm successor known as 'Broadwell' are expected to share the same socket, LGA1150, so it is likely that motherboards will only support DDR3 memory, with a new architecture supporting DDR4. This will give around a year gap between introduction within the high end market and the mainstream and could help offset retail price of DDR4 memory as demand and production grows.

DDR4 memory is expected to offer better parity protection and recovery from errors as well as increased bandwidth, while using just 1.2V.


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