Intel's Next-Gen Atom to get Higher Frequencies

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11.05.2011 15:44:21

Intel have two Atom chips on their way and they look pretty interesting. With DX10.1 capable graphics which has an integrated HD video decoder (ala Quick Sync?), for seamless Blu-Ray playback, higher clock speeds and an improved DDR3 memory controller and will be using lower power, it would seem all bases are covered.

An Intel Atom CPU

The two offerings are the D2700 at 2.13GHz and the D2500 at 1.86GHz, both are dual cores (D2700 with hyperthreading), 1MB cache and both have a TDP of 10W and will support the 64bit instruction set.
While being low power and being able to playback HD content the IGP will not be able to be used for general compute unlike the AMD APUs, with AMD set to be releasing 'Krishna' and 'Wichita' sometime in 1H 2012, and reports that AMD have taped out two 28nm parts last month, is this Atom going to step up to the fight?

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