Introducing the Fractal Terra Mini-ITX Chassis

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅31.05.2023 12:19:14
Press Release

Meet Fractal Terra a PC case designed and engineered to reshape the small form factor gaming experience. Inspired by the homes of modern gamers, the Fractal Terra has been crafted to lift the desk environment and harmonize powerful gaming technology into their living space. To achieve this, it incorporates boutique design features such as panels cut from anodized aluminium, including an 8 mm-thick aluminium front and a panel made from FSC-certified solid walnut.

From building through to daily use, the Fractal Terra was designed with user interaction in mind. Whether someone rotates open the aluminium side panels, slides open the top with the integrated tab or presses the laser-engraved aluminium power button every interaction with Terra is designed to feel smooth and enjoyable.

Inside, Fractal Terra hides smart features such as a stepless slidable central wall, allowing users to adapt the space ratio between compartments by up to 30 mm. This gives builders the freedom to design their small form factor gaming PC around their component choices, including the option to incorporate a powerful GPU in a space-saving 10.4 L case.

Pricing and Availability
The Fractal Terra mini-ITX case is available in Jade, Silver, and Black colours. Now listed on Amazon US and Amazon UK for 184.99

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