Introducing the Logi AI Prompt Builder Software and Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅23.04.2024 23:43:49

Logitech launched the Logi AI Prompt Builder, a free new tool that helps you prompt Open AIís ChatGPT faster and more fluently while staying in the flow of your work. Logi AI Prompt Builder is a software window that pops up via the Logi Options+ app at the touch of a button, transforming your Logitech keyboard and mouse into a shortcut to the limitless power of AI.

With the launch of the Logi AI Prompt Builder software, Logitech is also launching a new wireless mouse with its own dedicated AI prompt button: the Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse.

How To Access

Logi AI Prompt Builder can be accessed by anyone with a Logitech keyboard or mouse supported by the English language version of the Logi Options+ app, including Logitech MX, Ergo, Signature and Studio Series devices. Within the app, you can identify a shortcut key on your keyboard or a mouse button that will open and close the tool whenever you need.

Alternatively, with the new Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse, you have a dedicated AI prompt button that serves as a shortcut to Logi AI Prompt Builder, bringing direct access to its benefits.

How It Works

The Logi AI Prompt Builder software window pops up, automatically capturing text youíve selected to work with and offering pre-defined recipes of commonly used queries, such as Rephrase and Summarize. You can also customize your own queries, and define what kind of tone, style, complexity or length you want the final answer to be. This saves you time and clicks, with virtually no disruption to your workflow. Watch the demonstration below.

Pricing and Availability
The Logi AI Prompt Builder Software window can be accessed for free by Windows and Mac users via the Logi Options+ app.
The Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse will be available this month exclusively on in the United States and the United Kingdom for $49.99 and £54.99 respectively.

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