Introducing the Razer Kishi Ultra Mobile Gaming Controller

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Press Release

Razer unveils the Razer Kishi Ultra, a USB C gaming controller compatible with Android, iPhone 15 series, and iPad Mini. The Razer Kishi Ultra is a full-size console-class controller featuring high-quality ergonomics, haptics, and Razer Chroma RGB to deliver a true console gaming experience without compromise.

Enter the God-Tier Era of Mobile Gaming
The Razer Kishi Ultra ushers in a new era of mobile gaming, combining the power of a full-fledged pro console controller with the portability required for today’s mobile gamer. Designed to provide an authentic console experience on the iPhone 15 series, iPad Mini, and Android tablets with 8-inch displays, the Kishi Ultra is the embodiment of high-performance gaming.

Console-Class Controls in a Revolutionary Design
With its first-of-its-kind full-sized handle and button layout, the Kishi Ultra offers ergonomics and gameplay previously only found in Razer’s award-winning pro console controllers. This pioneering design not only caters to hardcore console and PC gamers venturing into mobile gaming but also enhances the gaming experience on devices like the iPad Mini, transforming it into a formidable, large-screen gaming handheld. In addition, the Kishi Ultra allows for wired play with PC.

Pro-Grade Controller Features for Elite Performance
Incorporating over 15 years of Razer’s expertise in crafting esports-grade console controllers, the Kishi Ultra delivers:
- Exclusive Mecha-tactile 8-way d-pad and ABXY buttons for supreme responsiveness and comfort.
- Console-sized Hall Effect triggers for analog precision.
- Full-sized pro-grade thumb sticks with anti-friction rings and a medical-grade TPSiV surface for enduring quality.
- Programmable L4/R4 multifunction buttons for customized control setups, offering a gaming experience previously thought exclusive to PCs and consoles.

Powered by Razer Nexus and Chroma RGB
Additionally, the controller is powered by the subscription-free Razer Nexus App, providing access to thousands of controller-compatible games across iOS and Android. The app allows gamers to launch games, customize controls, and easily record and share gameplay. With the introduction of Virtual Controller Mode for Android devices, the Kishi Ultra adds controller compatibility to many of the biggest mobile games, further enhancing the gaming experience.

Razer Sensa HD Haptics: Feel the Game
The Kishi Ultra is the first commercially available device to feature the new Razer Sensa HD Haptics which, along with Razer Chroma RGB, offers multi-sensory gaming immersion that is stronger, more detailed, and more nuanced than traditional console controller vibrations. This is due to the patent-pending wideband high-definition haptics, made possible by a haptic coil in each handle, providing a multidirectional and immersive haptic experience that surpasses traditional console controllers.

With the support of the Interhaptics SDK, developers can craft bespoke haptic experiences on their new and updated titles, while existing PC and Android games gain a new dimension with audio-to-haptics technology. This innovation, paired with Chroma RGB lighting, sets the standard for mobile gaming immersion.

Introducing the Razer Kishi V2 USB C
Alongside the Kishi Ultra, Razer is excited to update the Kishi V2 line with the new Razer Kishi V2 USB C for iPhone 15 series and Android, now featuring wired play for PC and iPad. This refresh enhances the universally compatible and highly mobile gaming controller with microswitch buttons, analog triggers, and programmable macros, optimized for ultra-low latency gameplay and passthrough charging.

Pricing and Availability
The Razer Kishi Ultra and Razer Kishi V2 USB C are now available on and authorized resellers.

Razer Kishi Ultra: $149.99USD / €169.99 MSRP
Razer Kishi V2 USB C: $99.99USD / €119.99 MSRP

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