InWin Launches MR24 and MR36 AIO CPU Liquid Coolers

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.09.2023 23:52:44
Press Release

InWin has introduced its new MR24 (240 mm) and MR36 (360 mm) AIO CPU liquid coolers for Intel and AMD CPU platforms.

Rotatable Aluminium ARGB Blockhead
High-density microchannel fins within the CPU block efficiently draw heat away from even the hottest processors, minimizing the temperature delta to unlock maximum headroom for sustained thermal boost clock speeds. The MR series features a fully rotatable aluminium CPU blockhead that is shrouded with an ARGB ring. InWin’s Lock-N-Go cable connector possesses an anti-slide buckle to ensure the ARGB connector will be secured.

Unique Pump-in-Radiator Design
The InWin MR Series takes a unique cooling approach by integrating the pump into the radiator itself so that no additional operational heat is transferred into the CPU block, maximizing cooling potential. The innovative feature also effectively cushions vibrations and suppresses noise, while the placement of the pump-in-radiator is directly beneath the motor of the mounted fan, avoiding any restrictions to airflow. The radiator is built with high-density microchannel fins to maximize the heat dissipation area, allowing a thinner design with better chassis compatibility that still compares to the performance of larger radiators.

Silent Static Pressure Neptune AN120 Fans
InWin partners the MR series with its Neptune AN120 fans, which are high static pressure fans and are ideal for liquid cooling radiators. They offer up to 60.1CFM airflow and an impressive 2.27 mm H2O pressure, at just 20.5dBA (Normal) with PWM control.

Tool-free Mounting for the latest CPU sockets
The InWin MR series supports all recent AMD and Intel CPU sockets including the latest AMD AM5 and Intel LGA1700, supplemented with a durable mounting kit and tool-free design, keeping installation as simple as possible.

For more information about the new InWin MR Series AIO CPU liquid coolers with Neptune AN120 fans, please visit the InWin website.

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