InWin Launches Sirius Extreme and Sirius Extreme Pure ARGB Fans

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Press Release

InWin announces the new Sirius Extreme (ASE120) and Sirius Extreme Pure (ASE120P) ARGB case fans, designed for high airflow PC builds that want minimal noise. Available in black (Extreme) and white (Extreme Pure), these 120mm fans push a powerful 54CFM of airflow at impressive noise levels of only an ultra-quiet 25dBA (max) and a silent 21dBA (typical), making them ideal choices for all airflow demanding PC builds.

Super Airflow Performance Without Noise
The InWin Sirius Extreme series is designed with an optimized P/Q curve giving it a higher performance beyond competitor fans without increased noise. At just 1500RPM it can reach 54CFM, and with a static pressure rating of 1.55 mm/H2O, its also great for liquid cooling radiators too. The wide speed range of 400-1,500RPM via 4-pin intelligent PWM control, plus in-built vibration-proof rubber mounting pads, means it is ideal for either CPU coolers, liquid cooling radiators, or used as a chassis fan.

ARGB Lighting with Software Sync and One-Click Controller Available
The distinct square-oval frame design is traced with ARGB lighting that provides a strong touch of color into the chassis without being overpowering. Use either the provided InWin ARGB One-Click controller (available in triple fan packs) to select from one of 14 lighting modes, or connect the fan directly to a 3-pin, 5V ARGB header on a compatible motherboard to control it directly via system software from ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI or ASRock. With 16.8 million lighting combinations users can truly color coordinate their PC builds to perfectly match other components around set themes.

Structurally Superior
Inspired by eSports gaming enthusiasts, the InWin Sirius Extreme frame is built stronger: structurally over-engineered to resist vibration and withstand the powerful airflow. The ventilation slots around the central impeller are designed to ensure the internal bearings and electronics always run cool, even in 24/7 operation, extending the fans lifespan.

The InWin InWin Sirius Extreme (ASE120) and Extreme Pure (ASE120P) fans are available in single-pack and triple-fan packs. Triple-fan packs come bundled with an Addressable RGB Modular Controller. For more information, please visit the links below.
InWin InWin Sirius Extreme (ASE120)
InWin InWin Sirius Extreme Pure (ASE120P)

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