InWin Nebula NR24 and NR36 AIO CPU Coolers Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅07.12.2021 15:36:16
Press Release

InWin today also launches the Nebula NR Series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers which features the “Nebula” lighting effect inspired by the interstellar clouds in space. Offered in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, the InWin Nebula NR24 and NR36 perfectly complement the InWin Nebula N515 chassis also launched today. Both chassis and cooler provides an incredible visual aesthetic with its stunning and shimmering shining star-like array of colours. The InWin Nebula NR24 and Nebula NR36 coolers are fitted with the InWin Luna AL120 fans with ARGB lighting. Both coolers support the latest AMD and Intel socket including the latest LGA 1700 socket for Alder Lake and even the upcoming and unreleased AMD AM5 socket.

Unique Design, High Performance AIO CPU Cooling
High-density microchannel fins efficiently draw heat away from the CPU, minimizing the temperature delta to unlock maximum thermal headroom and overclocking performance. The innovative separation of the pump from the water block effectively cushions vibrations and suppresses noise.

InWin Luna AL120 Fans Included
InWin partners the Nebula NR series with its Luna AL120 fans, which chills the high-performance liquid cooling radiator and extends the ARGB experience with their soft-glow illumination. The Luna AL120 PWM fans feature nine crescent blades, which provide up to an impressive 83CFM airflow, while their sleeve bearings ensure a long life and quiet operation. The short cabling is expressly designed to pair with the AIO cooler, while the fans can even be daisy-chained together to optimize cable routing convenience and simple fan control with a single tuning parameter covering them all.

ARGB Lighting with Software Sync and One-Click Controller Available
The InWin Nebula NR24 and Nebula N36 lighting effects can be controlled via ARGB motherboard software and synced with other ARGB items in the PC build, such as InWin’s new Nebula N515 chassis. With 16.8 million lighting combinations via ARGB LEDS, users can truly colour coordinate their PC builds to perfectly match other components around set themes. Alternatively, InWin also bundles its ARGB One-Click Controller to ensure lighting effects are always accessible in all PC builds that may not support 3-pin, 5V ARGB lighting.

InWin did not reveal pricing as of this writing. To learn more, please visit the links below.
InWin NR24
InWin NR36

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