iPhone 5 May Face a Rocky Road

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22.09.2011 22:26:05

Samsung has had their Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany by a court in Berlin just before IDF due to alleged patent infringment. The evidence presented, to many, was questionable, however with a Court ruling under its belt, Apple may be seeking Europe wide ban on several Samsung products. However Samsung has unleashed a barrage of counter patent infringment cases and Initial sources told of Samsung filing for a ban of the iPhone 5, expected to be released October 4th, in South Korea. Now it appears Samsung is likely trying for a Global Ban, with cases expected to be heard in the UK and US. It is fairly certain that it will be impossible for Apple to sell their iPhone with any form of telecommunication ability without infriging on Samsung patents.

The legal issues started in April 2011 when Apple decided to sue Samsung for 'copying the style of the iPhone', Samsung counter sued immediately after. Apple has been trying ever since to cripple their arch rivals and managed to get a temporary Europe wide block on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a permanent ban in Germany. There are currently 23 cases currently ongoing between the two corporations and many feel Apple has been unfair in their use of patents, as many live and let be or license their patents, but with Apple's refusal to license and seeking outright bans, people see this as Apple's move to monopolise mobile and tablet market sectors.

Today there is now news that VIA have filed a lawsuit against Apple for three cases of patent infringment of microprocessor technology that is used in smartphones, tablets and other media devices and is calling for an outright ban on the sale of the iPhone and the iPad.

It seems that Apple never wanted to play ball with others and now the competition has decided there is no room for a rotten Apple.

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