iRocks Launches K74M Mechanical Keyboard with Hot-Swappable Switches

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅08.09.2023 17:13:08
Press Release

iRocks introduced a brand-new mechanical keyboard K74M featuring a white backlight, PBT keycaps, aluminum plate and hot-swappable switches. The iRocks K74M is meticulously designed to offer style and practicality for both gaming and professional tasks. Over the course of several years, iRocks has devoted countless hours to testing, gathering feedback, and engaging in development. This ongoing effort has enabled K74M to collaborate effectively with typists and gamers, ensuring the delivery of a highly satisfying typing experience.

Key Features
Mechanical switches for fast response and smooth key feedback
Preinstalled bottom pad and switch dampener sheet
All-zone Gateron hot-swap Sockets for quick switch replacement
High-performance USB wired connection
Detachable USB-C cable and two-level adjustable keyboard feet
PBT doubleshot keycaps
Easy-to-clean floating keyboard design
Built-in hotkey to access multimedia, mail, full key lock, PC lock and more
Software for editing macros and backlighting

PBT Keycaps and Floating Keys Design

A pre-installed set of PBT keycaps outlives ordinary ABS ones with it comes to surface wearing, and greatly enhances the durability of the keys. The keycaps are made with double shot (dual-injection) technology to prevent backlit legends from fading. Thanks to its floating keys design and aluminium plating, the iRocks K74M makes keyboard cleaning and maintenance easier after years of service.

Hot-swappable Switches

Customize your typing experience painlessly without soldering. The iRocks K74M features Gateron hot-swappable sockets for mechanical switches, compatible with 3pin and 5pin MX-style mechanical switches. The pre-installed Gateron switches can stand with up to 50 million keystrokes, with clear housing allowing white backlight to evenly shine through the translucent key legends.

Wired USB-C Connection

The iRocks K74M has a detachable cable and can be connected using USB-A to USB-C or USB-C to C cable. High-speed microcontroller inside the K74M enables fast keystroke response and N-key rollover function.

Customizable Smart Wheel

The wheel on K74M has switchable modes and is fully compatible with your Windows 10 and 11 PC. With Smart Wheel mode under Windows 10 and 11, you can customize your wheel to what you need it to be volume, scrolling, zooming, brush adjustment, video editing, multimedia control, and more.

Enhanced Typing Experience

For premium typing feel and sound, the iRocks K74M implements a sound-absorbing pad for spaces between the plate and PCB and an appropriately sized foam for the bottom case. The components work together to turn every click into a delightful typing bliss. The stabilizers for the spacebar and modifiers on the K74M are tuned and lubricated to ensure consistent smoothness with less rattling key press.

Software Configurator

Not just from hardware hotkeys, iRocks K74M supports software configurator, providing you with an intuitive control interface for the keyboard, from backlighting to macro keys and more. The configuration may also be saved to the keyboard's onboard memory for on-the-go convenience.

Pricing and Availability
The iRocks K74M Mechanical Keyboard is available in black or white colorways from authorized online retailers and distributors. The iRocks K74M is now available in the United States via Amazon for US$74.99.