Ivy Bridge Gets A Release Date?

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅27.01.2012 16:56:24

According to reports Intel are planning to release their Ivy Bridge desktop and notebook CPU's in Week 14, i.e. the between the 1st and the 7th of April. The launch line up will consist of Intel Core i7-3770K, i7-3770, i7-3770S, i7-3770T, i5- 3570K, i5-3550, i5-3550S, i5-3570T, i5-3450 and i5-3450S Processors; low-end dual-core Ivy Bridge CPU's will follow later or be re-badged Sandy Bridge's. As with Sandy Bridge, unlocked chips will have the 'K' suffix, whereas 'S' and 'T' will represent low-power alternatives. Ivy Bridge is expected to bring lower TDP, 10% improved performance and significantly better DX11.1 graphics to the table vs. Sandy Bridge and may provide an strong alternative to AMD's APU platforms.

Significant CPU releases also tend to coincide not only with new motherboard platforms - we expect to see Z77, Z75 and H77 at a minimum - but also new hardware. It seems likely that Nvidia will seek to release high performance cards in their new Kepler range on or just before Ivy Bridge's launch in order to take advantage of any spike in demand should it appear. AMD may also round out their range of 28nm GPU's at this time; we're still awaiting news of Pitcairn and Cape Verde releases.

If the launch goes ahead as assumed April is looking like it may be a very busy month for hardware news.

Source: Fudzilla.
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