Ivybridge Launch Range Details Outlined

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅28.11.2011 17:45:27

Russian site Overclockers.ru are claiming to have unearth a breakdown of Intel's 22nm Ivybridge range SKU's including expected TDP, stock and turbo clock speeds, and model numbers. If true, the table indicates a naming scheme which is much easier to parse for the casual observer than the current Sandybridge range, but no hint of the performance of these parts compared to those they are replacing beyond the reduced TDP of the 22nm process.

Ivybridge will inherit the iX-3XXX pattern from Sandybridge-E, so thankfully there will be little confusion between the older and newer ranges. Performance desktop parts will be i5-35XX and i7-37XX, with the K suffix continuing to represent multiplier-unlocked processors suitable for overclocking. The lesser-known 'S' suffix returns to represent low-power versions with lower stock clock-speed but equal turbo multiplier, and 'T' chips are of course for 'power-optimised lifestyle' uses i.e. mobile devices. The one product which could cause some confusion is the i5-3470T, which is a dual-core hyperthreaded part for mobile platforms rather than quad-core non-hyperthreaded processor similar to the rest of the i5-34XX range.

It's worth noting that with the exception of the i5-35XX's, the top-end SKU's end in '70'. This could indicate plans, or at least headroom, for additional products with higher multipliers in the i5-35XX range if required. There will however be little room in the iX-3XXX range for the expected 22nm upgrade of Sandybridge-E known as Ivybridge-E; it will be interesting to see what they end up naming those parts.

Ivybridge is not expected until March 2012, and will be compatible with the vast majority of P67 and Z68 motherboards on the market.

Source - Overclockers.ru via TechPowerUp.com

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