Jonsbo Launches NF2 Memory Cooler

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅29.11.2023 23:59:09

Jonsbo launches the NF2 memory cooler available in black and white colours featuring two 50mm high-performance cooling fans. The Jonsbo NF2 memory cooler ensures memory modules remain cool, particularly for overclocked memory. The NF2 memory cooler is ideal for configurations using all-in-one liquid CPU coolers wherein airflow circulation around the CPU socket and memory is limited.

Unlike most memory coolers that either attach itself to the memory modules or the DIMM slots, the Jonsbo NF2 memory cooler is securely installed on the motherboard screw holes. The memory cooler comes with a set of screws and brackets that would replace the standard motherboard screws.

The distance of the NF2 memory cooler to the memory modules has a fixed height and supports memory modules up to 54mm tall. An additional set of pillars is available that can increase the supported height by 8mm. The cooler uses two 50mm x 50mm x 20mm cooling fan with a rated RPM of 600~3600 +-10%, pushing a volume of 1.30~9.11 CFM and air pressure of 0.17-1.6 mmH2O. The fan’s acoustics has a maximum noise value of 22.4 dB(A). The RGB lighting of the cooling fans supports motherboard RGB sync technologies.

Dimensions: 146mm*65mm*28.1mm
Fan Size: 50mm*50mm*20mm
Fan Speed: 600~3600 +-10%
Fan Airflow: 1.30~9.11 CFM
Fan Air Pressure: 0.17~1.6 mmH2O
Fan Noise Level: 22.4 db(A) (max)
Fan MTTF: 20000 hours @ 25°C
Connectors: Fan – 4pin PWM, LED – 3pin ARGB
Rated Voltage: Fan – 12V, LED – 5V
Rated Current: Fan – 0.06A, LED – 0.24A
Power Consumption: Fan – 0.72W, LED – 1.2W

Jonsbo did not reveal the pricing and release date as of this writing. The NF1 memory cooler was sold for 69 yuan, approximately £7.69 - the NF2 memory cooler would be around that price range.

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