Jonsbo Teases New Cases - MOD1, MOD1-Mini and VR1

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅31.08.2016 08:50:03
Jonsbo teases its new cases: the VR1 steel-aluminum mini-ITX chassis, MOD1 and MOD1-Mini aluminum cases with tempered glass window panels.

Jonsbo VR1 Mini-ITX Chassis

The Jonsbo VR1 is a steel-aluminum mini-ITX chassis that uses a vertical layout for it to accommodate long graphics cards while saving space. The VR1 has a very modern and elegant look to fit in the living room of modern homes. The VR1 also has a 5mm-thick tempered glass panel which has a smoke color. The VR1 chassis uses a combination of steel and 1.0mm aluminum panels for a solid structure and the best durability. The VR1 comes in two colors, silver and black. See specifications below.

Jonsbo MOD1 ATX Chassis

The Jonsbo MOD1 features an open design and developed for liquid cooling enthusiasts and builders who want to showcase their hardware. The MOD1 features an aluminum chassis with a huge tempered glass window with either green and red highlights. The MOD1's frame is made of 3.0mm anodized aluminum panels with a 5mm-thick tempered glass window. The combination ensures stability and appeal for the chassis. The MOD1 comes in two models: black-red and black-green models. See specifications below.

Jonsbo MOD1-Mini SFF Chassis

The Jonsbo MOD1-Mini is the small form factor version of the MOD1 chassis. The case features an ITX design with the same ideal of superb liquid cooling support and modern appeal. The MOD1-Mini comes in black-red color only. See specifications below.

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