Jonsbo Unveils QT03A and VR2 Cases and FR-101 Fan Series

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Jonsbo presents two classy cases – the QT03A and VR2. Jonsbo also presents its first series of fans – the FR-101 fan series.

Jonsbo QT03A Chassis

The Jonsbo QT03A is based on the popular QT01 Antiphon case but has an anodized aluminum front. The QT03A features two crafted 5mm-thick tempered glass on both sides to give it a stunning look and to give onlookers a view of the inside. The QT03A is also designed for silence packed with noise reduction features such as the noise-dampening materials on the case and the fan control on the pre-installed fans which can run at 7v, 12v or off.

The Jonsbo QT03A features a 2-chamber layout. The two chambers are divided by the power supply bay cover wherein the bottom chamber contains the drives and power supply. The upper chamber would then contain the motherboard, expansion cards, memory and cooling for these hardware. As for liquid cooling support, the Jonsbo QT03A supports up to a 360mm radiator behind the front. The QT03A can support graphics cards as long as 400mm, CPU coolers as tall as 172mm and there are three hidden 2.5-inch drive bays at the back of the motherboard tray.

Case Type: Mid-Tower
Form Factor: E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, ITX
3.5 inch drive bay internal: 3 x
2.5 inch drive bay internal: 3 x
Case fan (front): 3 x 120/140 mm
Case fan (rear): 1 x 120/140 mm
Height: ca. 497 mm
Width: ca. 216.4 mm
Depth: ca. 475.5 mm
Weight: ca. 11.1 kg
Material: Steel
Maximum VGA Card Length: 400 mm
Maximum height of CPU coolers: 172 mm

Jonsbo VR2 Chassis

The Jonsbo VR2 is a bigger version of the VR1 chassis which both has a vertical graphics card layout to accommodate high-end configurations. The Jonsbo VR2 can house micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards, graphics cards up to 300mm long and CPU coolers up to 190mm tall. The VR2 also feature an anodized aluminum structure with two 5mm-thick tempered glass side panels.

Case Type: M-ATX, ITX
3.5" inch drive bay internal: 1 x
2.5" inch drive bay internal: 4 x
Case fan (top): 1 x 120 mm
Case fan (bottom): 2 x 120 mm
Height x Width x Depth: 399.5 x 378 x 238 mm
Weight: 9.0 kg
Material: Steel, Aluminum, Tempered Glass
Maximum height of CPU coolers: 190 mm
Maximum VGA Card Length: 320 mm

Jonsbo FR-101 Fan Series

The FR-101 fan series is Jonsbo’s first fan line up which includes four 120mm versions with 3-pin molex connectors and two 120mm models with PWM function. All the FR-101 fan models feature an 18-LED lighting with a spiral lighting effect. The FR-101 has a maximum fan speed of 1,500 rpm, whereby the fans produce a flow of up to 68.3 m³/h at max. 25.4 dB (A). The FR-101 PWM uses a double ball bearing and offers a wide control range of 800 - 1,800 rpm. They generate between 15.2 and 29.6 dB (A) and achieve an airflow of 40.4 - 82.9 m³/h.

The Jonsbo QT03A will have an MSRP of €119.99 incl. 19% VAT. The Jonsbo VR2 will have an MSRP of €124.99 incl. 19% VAT. For the FR-101 fans, the 3-pin models have an MSRP of €13.99 incl. 19% VAT while the PWM models at €16.99 incl. 19% VAT. See product pages below:

Jonsbo QT03A Chassis
Jonsbo VR2 Chassis
Jonsbo FR-101 Fans

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