Jonsplus i100 Pro Mini-ITX Chassis Available at OCUK

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The Jonsplus i100 Pro mini-ITX chassis sports an elegant design made with magnesium aluminium alloy. It is durable and stylish with superb compatibility that pushes cooling performance and hardware support capabilities to the limit of a compact small-form-factor desktop chassis. For its size, it can support up to 280mm/360mm radiators and graphics cards of up to 373mm in length. The Jonsplus i100 Pro features an adjustable single or dual-chamber layout, supports three different kinds of cooling systems. It also supports standard ATX and SFX power supply units.

Single or Dual Chamber, Vertical or Horizontal GPU Orientation
The Jonsplus i100 Pro features modular case feet and their length can be adapted to the needs of the system. Higher case feet facilitate the intake of fresh air through the bottom of the case.

All three configurations make use of the natural chimney effect. The generous openings in the lower and top part of the case create a draught of air, which benefits all the installed components. The removable filters in the bottom, top and back panel of the Jonsplus i100 Pro keep the interior clean and free of dust.

Two 2.5 mounts are available for data drives, which, when installed, limit the length of the graphics card to 345 mm. An additional 3.5 hard drive can be installed behind the front panel.

Jonsplus i100 Pro Mini-ITX Chassis Features

Versatile Mini-ITX Case
Elegant design made from aluminium and steel
Two tinted side panels
Modular construction with many hardware options
Up to one 360/280 radiator at the top
Up to six 120 or four 140 mm fans
Boxed with riser cable for vertical GPU mounting
Up to 1x 3.5 and 2x 2.5 drives

Pricing and Availability
The Jonsplus i100 Pro mini-ITX chassis is now available at Overclockers UK for 156.95.
Learn more about the Jonsplus i100 Pro mini-ITX magnesium aluminium alloy chassis at

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