KFA2 Introduce Stream HD the Wireless HD Streaming Solution!

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18.08.2011 18:45:27


Stream latency-free HD video and audio in full 1080p up to 10 meters with no line of sight, perfect for the home user or Business professional. The Stream HD solution functions with two key components, the HD dongle (transmitter) which plugs into your HDMI OUT powered by USB and the HD receiver, which receives the wireless data and sends this information to your HDMI display via a HDMI cable, powered by an AC adaptor.

Ideal for streaming HD web content, movies, presentations or high-resolution imagery from your laptop directly to your HD display without the extra expense or the extra effort to hide awkward HDMI cables either in your home theater setup or boardroom.

“Streaming High Definition content from either your laptop or PC to your HD TV/ HD projector has never been so easy, plug and play with no drivers needed, latency free, true 1080p, this product has it all in terms of versatility” said Graham Brown, European Marketing Manager.


Supports HDMI 1.3 standard in 720p and Full HD 1080p resolution
Less than 1ms latency
Support all popular audio formats including 7.1 channel PCM, DTS & Dolby Digital
Uses the 5Ghz unlicensed band
Range: Non-line-of-Sight, in-room communication, up to 10 meters
Co-exists with Wi-Fi 802.11a/n in the 5GHz band
Encrypted wireless link.
Compatible with WHDI 1.0 standard
Compatible with HDCP 2.0
Only compatible with Windows operating system.
No drivers needed.

Backed by a 2 year warranty, the KFA2 Stream HD will be available at leading online and in-store retailers throughout Europe.

For more information about KFA2 contact: [email protected] or visit our company’s website: http://www.kfa2.com

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