Kingston 64GB 2400MHz DDR3 Kit for X79

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16.09.2011 18:55:06

A few X79 motherboards having been showing off 8 DIMMs and Kingston have decided to take full advantage of the no compromise extreme level platform by showing off an 8x8GB DDR3 Kit running at 2400MHz... Yes, that is a staggering 64GB Kit of Kingston Hyper X. Current pricing expects the Kit to cost around $2200 but release price is expected late 2012 of an expected price of around $1200-1500 when newer memory processes will help cut the price.

Showing off the platform at IDF.

64GB goodness on quad channel IMC, providing upto 75GB/s bandwidth @ speeds of 2.4GHz


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