Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Memory Released

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅28.10.2021 15:24:44
Press Release

Kingston reveals its cutting-edge FURY Beast DDR5 desktop memory starting with DDR5-4800MHz and DDR5-5200MHz kits. The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Kits uses 16GB DRAM density per stick, with dual-channel kits up to 32GB (2x16GB) capacity. The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory is ideal for gamers and enthusiasts seeking for greater performance for the next-generation platforms.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 arrives in sync with the launch of the Intel Z690 Chipset and the 12th generation Intel Core processors. This marks the first platform to utilize the new memory standard, bringing the performance and data integrity advancements of DDR5 to a global audience. The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 feature enhanced features including on-die ECC (ODECC) for improved stability at extreme speeds, dual 32-bit subchannels for increased efficiency, and on-module power management integrated circuit (PMIC).

Additionally, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 is Intel XMP 3.0-Ready and Certified, meaning users can expect an easy, stable, and certified overclock experience. The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 has been tested and approved by MSI, ASUS, ASRock, and GIGABYTE.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Features
- Greater performance starting at 4800MHz
- Improved stability for overclocking
- Increased efficiency
- Intel XMP 3.0-Ready and Certified
- Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers1
- Plug N Play at 4800MHz
- Low-profile heat spreader design

The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 Memory is backed with a limited lifetime warranty. No information regarding availability and pricing as of this writing. The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory kits are found listed online at CCL Computers.

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