Kingston Introduce Two New Secure USB Solutions

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Press Release

Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced a series of portable data security solutions — the DataTraveler® 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault — Privacy Managed (DTVPM) — offering enterprises the most flexible, cost-effective USB options that also deliver unmatched security control. A leader in memory solutions since 1987, Kingston® delivers these new products as part of the industry’s only secure USB family ranging from general purpose business use to flexible, managed enterprise offerings, and to platforms for the most secure and rigid government standards.

While many organisations depend on the portability and simplicity of USBs for data management, removable media became an unfortunate focal point in 2010 for some of the most troubling security events — from Stuxnet to Wikileaks — and consumerisation only served to raise further issues of control. However, when deployed correctly, the portability and simplicity that characterise USB, risk can be its greatest asset, enabling it to serve as a strategic security tool.

Currently, enterprise USB options are limited in their ability to offer both flexibility and stringent security. Existing solutions range from expensive and rigid platforms built to adhere to the highest government security certifications, to lightweight security offerings that offer little in the way of specific device management and are being loosely managed with general purpose endpoint security software. Kingston’s new offerings draw from the company’s unparalleled expertise with field-proven, government-tested and internationally deployed platforms supported with the industry’s best warranty, service and support. The major features include:

· DT4000: brings military-grade encryption to corporations such as finance and healthcare, which require high-level protection for sensitive information. The DT4000 is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated for the entire cryptographic module – not just the security processor as with some other solutions. The DT4000 will also be available as a centrally-managed drive later this year.

· DTVPM: offers corporate customers centralised control of all USB activity. Leveraging the world-class SafeConsole® server software from BlockMaster®, a company with the broadest and most mature management offering on the market, the DTVPM solution offers advanced features including password control, device state management, file audit log and file restrictor options to control what file types may be saved to the drive.

“Managed secure USB drives are a necessity within many professional organisation. The financial, legal and truly practical benefits of getting in control of USB drive usage are driving this movement. BlockMaster’s strong relationship with a global leader as Kingston will make managed secure USB drives highly available to customers."

Anders Kjellander, Chief Security Officer at BlockMaster

“Kingston is known the world over as the memory company of choice among the Fortune 500. Our expertise in high-level encryption standards, worldwide access to controllers and NAND Flash combined with tremendous purchasing power and distribution channels allow us to extend our heritage further into the corporate space with our secure USB offering.In addition to the DT4000, our relationship with a software security leader like BlockMaster gives our global customer base a back-end, centralised management solution for portable data peace of mind and protection.”

John Terpening, Secure USB Business Manager, Kingston

Other upcoming Kingston secure USB Flash drives include a centrally managed version of the DataTraveler 4000 for corporations requiring FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security.

DTVPM & DT4000 Pricing

MSRP (excl. VAT)

DTVPM/2GB - £26.61

DTVPM/4GB - £34.67

DTVPM/8GB - £50.80

DTVPM/16GB -£102.41

DT4000/2GB - £33.31

DT4000/4GB - £42.25

DT4000/8GB - £60.94

DT4000/16GB - £113.75

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