Kingston IronKey D300 Encrypted Flash Drive Acquires NATO Restricted Level Certification

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Press Release

Kingston announces its IronKey D300 Encrypted USB Flash Drive series has achieved the NATO Restricted Level Certification. After a detailed validation process, the Kingston IronKey D300, IronKey D300S and IronKey D300SM have been listed in the NATO Information Assurance Product Catalogue (NIAPC) for security products that meet NATO’s nations, civil and military bodies’ operational requirements.

The NIAPC is established under an INFOSEC Directive and ensures only cryptographic products, which are developed in a NATO member nation, are evaluated and approved to use in accordance with NATO Security Policies. The IronKey D300 series is now included on this list, which means it is qualified as an encrypted Flash drive that meets the data protection levels established by NATO to protect information against loss or cyber-attacks. Sensitive data-in-transit needs to be protected as any loss or breach can result in harm to NATO’s forces, its members or its mission.

"We are pleased that the IronKey D300 series drives are now certified, joining some of our previous encrypted USB drives that were certified in the past, like the D100 and D200. This signifies to customers that IronKey is a well-known and trusted brand throughout NATO and its member government agencies for securing data on a restricted level," said Richard Kanadjian, business and technology manager, Kingston. "Kingston is committed to creating encrypted USBs that protect military and government-level data, so customers with strong data protection requirements can be assured that it will meet their data security demands when sensitive data is in transit."

About Kingston IronKey D300 Series

Kingston’s IronKey D300 USB Flash drive features an advanced level of security that builds on the features that made IronKey well-respected, to safeguard sensitive information. It’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption in XTS mode. An essential pillar to setting security standards, corporate policies and data loss protection (DLP) best practices. An important element in the quest for compliance with industry standards and global regulations such as the GDPR.

Learn more about the Kingston IronKey D300 Encrypted USB Flash Drive here.


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