Kingston Server Premier DDR4-2666MHz Validated on Intel Purley Platform

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅27.07.2017 15:14:22

Press Release

Kingston Technology Company launches a new Server Premier product line along with validation for the Intel Purley Platform. This platform uses Intel’s Xeon Scalable processor family which was just recently released. The Server Premier DDR4-2666MHz Registered DIMMs are available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB kits and are focused on compatibility with the latest server architectures that debut this year. The Kingston Server Premier builds on a legacy of class-leading server memory quality that target system builders, SMB and data centres with a fully locked build solution for guaranteed consistency.

Kingston’s Purley-validated Server Premier modules are specifically engineered to unleash the power of Intel's new six-channel server microarchitecture, without memory frequency clock down restrictions experienced in previous platforms. At 2666MT/s — the next-generation performance frequency for DDR4 memory — each DIMM provides peak bandwidth of 21.3GB/s. When grouped for multi-channel performance, this provides a significant boost in performance for today’s memory intensive server applications.

Kingston Server Premier is a simplified portfolio of server memory products that target the specific requirements of data centre and Cloud customers as well as business customers, system integrators and SMBs.

Kingston Server Premier Features
- Locked Bill of Materials (BOM)
- Part Change Notifications (PCN) of 45-90 days
- Server platform validation
- Intel PCSD server qualification
- Leading server motherboard manufacturer qualification
- Starting speeds at DDR4-2400 and 2666
- Lifetime warranty
- Industry-leading service and support

Visit the Kingston Technology website for more information.

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