KLEVV Launches 5600MT/s SO-DIMM and U-DIMM Memory

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅08.11.2022 22:30:33
Press Release

KLEVV unveils its latest DDR5 standard U-DIMM and SO-DIMM memory running at 5600MT/s. The KLEVV DDR5 5600MT/s memory is designed to support both AMD’s latest RYZEN 7000 series processors and AM5 platform as well as Intel’s 13th Gen Raptor Lake processors and Z790 motherboards, featuring blisteringly fast speed with a highly efficient power-to-performance ratio.

Unparalled Performance and Outstanding Compatibility
To cater to the growing demand for high-speed computing with a highly versatile product selection, KLEVV introduces a brand-new 5600MT/s version to its DDR5 standard desktop and laptop memory lineup. Fully compliant with JEDEC standards, the new 5600MT/s DDR5 memory is the latest addition to KLEVV's DDR5 U-DIMM and SO-DIMM lineup with the pre-existing 4800 MT/s memory. 

Available in 16GB per module with single (16GBx1) and dual (16GBx2) pack options, the new KLEVV DDR5 standard memory is QVL tested and approved by top motherboard brands including ASUS, ASROCK, GIGABYTE, and MSI across corresponding motherboards, utilized in a diverse range of active sectors, including business, learning, or entertainment on desktop and laptop computers.

Step Into The Future with DDR5 Technology
The new KLEVV DDR5 standard memory boasts the best-in-class memory chips with jaw-dropping data transfer bandwidth rates of up to 44.8 GB/s with flawless multitasking capability.

Operating at a low 1.1V voltage, the all-new KLEVV DDR5 memory delivers twice the performance of DDR4 with extraordinary efficiency. Cutting-edge DDR5 technology, like On-DIMM Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and On-Die Error Correcting Code (ODECC) technology, allows the memory to utilize improved power efficiency and better stability.

Sleek, robust, and highly reliable, KLEVV showcases outstanding product quality and superior technical prowess with the new 5600MT/s memory.

The 5600MT/s version of KLEVV DDR5 standard desktop/laptop memory will be available from Q4 2022. Coming soon on Amazon. To learn more, please visit the links below.

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