Kolink's Big Chungus (Yes, Chungus) and Quantum PC Cases Launched & Available for Pre-Order

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One thing we weren't expecting to be confronted with on the Monday after CES was a chassis called the Big Chungus, but there it is. A showcase design from Kolink, who have been making moves under the radar with some impressive PSUs and cooling solutions, this combination of aluminium, steel and tempered glass is intended to best display your centrepiece PC rather than deal with trifling concerns such as space and ergonomics. As befitting the name, the case can accommodate motherboards up to EATX, multiple full-length graphics cards, multiple 360mm radiators and more besides, justifying its new role as Kolink's flagship PC enclosure.

The Big Chungus is an angled case design that places the main system enclosure on an aluminium base which also serves as a I/O panel connector location. Much of the internal volume is devoted to components and cooling, while the PSU mounting location is hidden beneath the floor's three fan mounts and aluminium base. Some pretty hefty cooling can be maintained within the chassis, including 360mm radiators in both front and floor with an additional 240mm rad in the roof. Storage mounts - both 2.5" and 3.5" - are located behind the motherboard tray in a space which should also be ample for neat and discreet wiring.

Topping off the showcase chassis are four tempered glass panels - one each for the top, front and two sides - that have been subtly tinted to cut out some LED lighting glare while letting the components take centre stage. Rounding off the package are five 120mm digitally addressable RGB fans, preinstalled in the front and rear of the case, and two LED strips that can all be controlled by the included remote. With a footprint of 336 x 651 mm and height of 668mm the Big Chungus should dominate any desk (or plinth, or alternative location), and a 16kg net weigh (without components installed) also puts it on the hefty side, hence (presumably) its name.

Tech. Specs

Dimensions:- 668 x 336 x 651 mm (H x W x D)
Weight:- approx. 16 kg
Material:- steel, aluminium, tempered glass (sides), plastic
Color:- black (frame), red (base)
Form Factor:- E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX

Fans possible in total:
- 4x 120 mm (front side)
- 2x 120 mm (cover)
- 1x 120 mm (back side)
- 3x 120 mm (floor)

- 4x 120 mm (front, 6-pin, digitally addressable RGB-LEDs)
- 1x 120 mm (back panel, 6-pin, digitally addressable RGB-LEDs)

Fan/RGB controller/Hub:

- 5x 6-pin ( DG-RGB)
- 2x 3-pin RGB (5VDG)
- 2x 3-pin fan

- 1x 3-Pin RGB (connection with motherboard)
- 1x SATA power (for power supply)

Radiator mountings (reduces number of HDD and/or fan mounting locations):
- 1x max. 360 mm (front side)
- 1x max. 240 mm (cover)
- 1x max. 120 mm (back side)
- 1x max. 360 mm (bottom)

Power supply:- 1x standard ATX (optional)
Expansion slots:- 7
Drive Bays:- 2 x 2.5"/3.5" + 2 x 2.5"

I/O Panel:
- 1x USB 3.1 Type C
- 1x USB 3.0
- 2x USB 2.0
- 1x Audio In/Out

Maximum graphics card length:- 335 mm
Maximum CPU cooler height:- 175 mm
Maximum length ATX power supply:- 220 mm

Joining the Big Chungus is a more mainstream design dubbed the Quantum, a midi-tower chassis with RGB lighting and plenty of internal volume for components. Somewhat belying its midi-tower status, the Quantum can also accommodate motherboards up to EATX dimensions but at a conventional orientation. A tempered glass side panel helps with showing off internal components, while motherboard tray cutouts and an extended PSU cover should help with keeping cabling nice and tidy.

The Quantum's striking front facia is equipped with a dRGB LED lighting strip which complements the rear dRGB 120mm fan that comes pre-installed. This lighting can be configured via compatible proprietary systems or a front-panel controller with preset modes. The front panel is also tooled out with headphone and microphone, as well as USB 3.0 & 2.0 connectors, covering most of the required functionality. Additional cooling options are available including five 120mm fan mounts, four 140mm mounts, and the option of a 240/280mm radiator in the front.

Tech. Specs

Dimensions (H x B x D):- 443 x 191 x 467 mm
Material:- Steel, tempered glass, plastic
Weight:- approx. 5.7 kg
Colour:- Black
Form factor:- E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX

Total fans possible:
- 2x 120/140 mm (roof)
- 2x 120/140 mm (front)
- 1x 120 mm (rear)

- 1x 120 mm rear

Radiator Mountings:
- 1x 280/240 mm (front)
- 1x 120 mm (rear)

Filter: Roof, bottom, front

Drive Bays:
- 2x 3.5/2.5" (internal, HDD cage)
- 2x 2.5" (internal, motherboard tray)

PSU:- 1x Standard ATX (optional)
Expansion slots:- 7

I/O Panel:
- 1x USB 3.0 Type A (internal connection)
- 2x USB 2.0 (internal connection)
- 1x Audio In/Out
- 1x RGB-/Reset Switch

Max GPU length:- 340 mm
Max CPU cooler height:- 155 mm
Max PSU depth:- 200 mm

Both the Big Chungus and Quantum are available to pre-order today from OverclockersUK priced at 209.99 and 47.99 (inc. V.A.T.) respectively. Neither currently has a firm ETA listed.

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