Komodo HD7970 Waterblocks Now Available From Swiftech

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07.04.2012 16:12:01

The first glimpses of the Komodo water block for the HD7970 were back in January, when the Swiftech CEO posted mock-up CAD images of the prototype to the Xtremesystems.org forum. After two months of frantic product development Komodo has finally been released, and it looks pretty tasty.

The Komodo is a full cover waterblock which cools not only the GPU but also the card memory and MOSFETs, improving overall overclock stability at the effective limits of the card. The Komodo solution also includes a black anodised aluminium backplate for improved cooling to the back of the card as well as a nice finishing touch for a sleek look. Note that this waterblock is only suitable for reference HD7970's; those with non-reference cards such as the MSI HD7970 Lightning will need to look elsewhere.

Also available from Swiftech and complementing the Komodo are adjustable fixtures and fittings for Crossfire Komodo-cooled HD7970's including a Crossfire bridge, making Swiftech one of the company's with the most complete range for watercooling the HD7970 in single or multiple card configurations.

Technical Specifications

The Komodo HD7970 is available for $154.95 direct from Swiftech in the US, though UK and EU availability isn't yet known. For more information visit [url=]Swiftech.com[/url]

Source: via TechPowerUp

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