Leaked Benchmarks Indicate ~10% Boost For IvyBridge

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅12.12.2011 17:14:02

Chiphell have been up to their usual tricks of showing off leaked Intel information, this time with a few benchmark runs for early engineering samples of an IvyBridge i7-3770K. This SKU relates to a quad-core, hyperthreading-enabled 22nm IvyBridge CPU with Intel HD-4000 graphics that represents the expected top-end in the IvyBridge range. Comparisons with the 2600K and 2700K are therefore most sensible.

The first benchmark was in 3DMark 06, not exactly the most up-to-date benchmarking utility but perhaps necessary down to rough around the edges alpha drivers for the onboard graphics. The final result was 6841 3D Marks, up from roughly 5000 on the 2600K. Most of this was however down to the improved GFX performance on the 3770K; CPU benchmark was 7170 which is only ~400 more than you'd expect from a 2600K.

Next up is CineBench 11.5. As a strongly threaded benchmark you'd expect CB 11.5 to benefit from the four physical eight logical cores of the 3770K, and the figures quoted certainly don't disappoint. A 2600K typically benches at a CPU score of 6.8-6.9, and with a CPU score of 7.52 (1.6 in single core mode) the 3770K doesn't disappoint. It doesn't however touch a 6-core SandyBridge-E, but no surprise there to be honest.

The final benchmark was Fritz Chess, a well threaded benchmark that stresses a CPU to near 100% utilisation and in-so-doing is useful to run when checking thermal performance. A score of 13869 is good, around 700 (5%) more than expected from a 2600K.

The test platform consisted of an unnamed Z77 motherboard and 8GB of 1600MHz RAM, all running at stock. Given the early state of both the 3770K and Z77 boards a 5-10% performance increase over 2600K on Z68 seems to be a good low-end figure - not quite enough to warrant an immediate upgrade from SandyBridge but plenty if you're looking for a new PC around the release period of high-end IvyBridge parts.

Source VR-Zone, chiphell, Ref. Benchmark Figures

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