Leaked Bulldozer Performance Details?

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅10.05.2011 11:17:46

If the given figures are true, this could see AMD's Bulldozer performing in line with the current Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs. The statement, apparently from GIGABYTE's Corporate Network, sees the 95w FX-8110 at stock speeds of 2.8Ghz with turbo to 3.8Ghz. As well as showing the CPUZ screen of the 8 cored CPU, it shows us a GIGABYTE 990FX UD5.

This image shows super pi to 1M at 7.8s and to 32M at 7m 22.885s, these scores are likely to be at the Turbo setting of 3.8. While the wPrime scores 5.516s to 32M and 166.895s to 1024M likely using all cores at either stock or turbo

According to the Gigabyte CPUZ History:

1.58.1gb – April 2011 update includes:

- AMD Bulldozer processor new instructions…
- AMD Zambezi, Valencia, Interlagos (32nm) support.
- AMD 990FX/RD990 + SB950 chipset.
- AMD AM3b/AMD+3 (black) socket detection.
- AMD Turbo Core TDP mode detection.
- NEW AMD logos / Tidy interface,
- DDR4 1.2v preliminary support.
- Add ID’s for future Intel 2650, 2700, 2800k editions.
- Several bugs fixed.

Oh, it also has some benchmark numbers for you to check out.

Thank you!

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This has been since confirmed as fake. Dangerous waters we be in for the next month or so!

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