Legendary Pictures Show Off Stormwind In 360 Chrome Experience

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14.07.2015 17:25:37

We're a long way from the July 2016 release date of Legendary Picture's Warcraft movie - based on Blizzard's IP of the same name - but that didn't stop a few titbits from being released during San Diego Comic Con over the weekend. Sadly no trailer or official footage was forthcoming - that's an exclusive for the lucky convention attendees and won't be seen by the general public until November - but we do get to see official posters and a rather nifty 360 mobile app.

The App takes you on a flight over Stormwind, a Stormwind that players of World of Warcraft will recognise immediately (even if a few landmarks are out of place). Available from legendary.com/VR, it uses the orientation sensors in your phone to control your view in a true 360-degree experience.

Unfortunately the app isn't compatible with all smartphones, but Legendary have made it available on Youtube as either a normal fly-over (shown above), or the full 360-degree experience if viewed on Youtube in Google's Chrome browser.

It's likely that similar experiences will become more commonplace as VR hardware gets into the hands of consumers, but this is certainly an innovative way to promote a movie without giving away too much.

SOURCE: http://www.legendary.com/VR

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