LEPA Enters the Heavyweight Class of Power Supply - G1600

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11.05.2012 11:06:36


Therefore it is the most powerful PSU on the market that meets the golden efficiency standard (up to 93% efficiency at 230V).

Perfect Choice for Professional High-End Systems
The LEPA G1600 is the perfect choice for multi-GPU systems, heavy-duty workstations and servers as well as for industrial PCs. Equipped with first-quality and durable components as well as with an advanced protection circuit, the new LEPA power supply complies with the requirements of professional high-end systems. With the so-called "High-density PCB design", the manufacturer successfully reduces the size of the PSU: The 1600W are packed into a housing of just 18cm depth! Other 1kW PSU easily exceed a depth of 20cm.

Rock-Stable and Flexible Power Supply
Six powerful 12V rails and the flexible full-modular cable management with a large number of connectors guarantee the full support of high-performance hardware. The Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) topology further ensures the compatibility with the energy-saving functions of latest graphics cards and CPU. According to that, the LEPA G1600 delivers rock stable voltages over the whole load range from 0W up to 1700W.


New LEPA G Series
The G1600 is the vanguard of a complete new LEPA G series. Further models with 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W will follow.

The LEPA G1600 is now available at a MSRP of £249.90 incl. VAT.
For more information visit http://www.lepatek.eu/g1600/?utm_source=LEPA&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=G1600

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