LEPA Fans Rejoice: New Fans!

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LEPA introduces a complete new product category: With five case fan series, the manufacturer approaches the demand of different target groups and various fields of application. Starting from the innovative and powerful Vortex fan to the revolutionary Casino 4C LED fan, LEPA underlines the aspiration to play a leading role in cooling segment.

LEPA Vortex Innovative Technology for Maximum Cooling Performance

The Vortex fan is based on simple physics. LEPA takes advantage of the fluid mechanics in order to boost the cooling performance of the case fan: The Vortex frame generates a powerful air twirl that concentrates the fresh air and leads it more directly to the hot spots inside the system. At full speed, the Vortex fan achieves a static pressure of 2.18mm-H2O while remaining a low noise level. That way, it is also an ideal solution for CPU coolers or radiators. LEPA equipped the fan with a PWM speed control, so that the cooling performance can be customized flexibly according to the system's needs.

The LEPA Vortex is available in two sizes with 12cm and 14cm. MSRP incl. VAT: 8.99 Euro for the Vortex 12cm (LPVX12P) and 10.99 Euro for the Vortex 14cm (LPVX14P). More technical information and product photos you can find at www.lepatek.eu/vortex.

LEPA 70D A Durable Entry-level Fan for Extreme Conditions

The 70D series presents the entry-level class of LEPA fan. The manufacturer applied high-quality, heat-resistant materials, so that the fan can easily stand extreme conditions with temperatures of up to 70C. Furthermore, LEPA relies on an innovative bearing technology (Barometric Oilless Bearing BOL), ensuring a durable and smooth operation with up to 100,000 hours MTBF. The 70D is a perfect choice for challenging environments like in servers or powerful workstations. With an adapter (5V/7V/12V) the speed can be adjusted according to the system requirements, so that end users can decide if they need power with a maximum speed of 1,600 RPM and an air flow rate of 116.42m3/h (12cm version) or if they want to have a silent cooling at lower speed.

LEPA 70D is available in 8cm, 9cm and 12cm. MSRP incl. VAT: 4.49 Euro for the 8cm version (LP70D08R), 5.49 Euro for the 9cm version (LP70D09R) and 6.49 Euro for the 12cm version (LP70D12R). More technical information and products photos you can find at www.lepatek.eu/70d.

The LEPA Casino fans A Tribute to Gamers and Modders

The flagship amongst the LEPA LED fans is the Casino 4C. Its frame is equipped with LEDs in four colours blue, red, green and white and with a microchip to create six fancy lightning modes including the unprecedented "Sparkle" mode. It surpasses the effects of competing LED fans by light years. The LEDs are rapidly turned on and off, so that the light starts to sparkle. For maximum cooling performance, LEPA applied a Vortex frame. The Casino 4C reaches an air flow rate of 108.65 m3/h at full speed. End users further profit from a flexible PWM control and a wide speed range from 600 to 1600 RPM.

For end users who prefer a more decent LED lightning, LEPA provides the Casino 1C fans with 18 blue diodes. It covers the same range of effects like the 4C version and also comes with a professional PWM control.

LEPA Casino 4C and Casino 1C are available in 12cm. MSRP incl. VAT: 17.99 Euro for the Casino 4C (LPVC4C12P) and 13.99 Euro for the Casino 1C (LPVC1C12P-BL). More technical information and product photos you can find at www.lepatek.eu/casino4c and www.lepatek.eu/casino1c.

LEPA Chopper: Looking into a Kaleidoscope

The second LED fan from LEPA is inspired by the kaleidoscope: By placing a LED bar onto the rotor, the manufacturer achieves effects as never seen before. They are changing dynamically as if you would turn the kaleidoscope around. The unique cycling LED technology is patented by LEPA. The Chopper fan comes with blue or red LEDs and runs at a constant speed of 900 RPM. To facilitate the installation and to reduce vibrations, the manufacturer delivers the fans with rubber screws.

LEPA Chopper is available in two colour versions (blue or red). The 12cm fan costs 9.99 Euro MSRP incl. VAT (LPCP12N-BL/-R). More technical information and product photos you can find at www.lepatek.eu/chopper.

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